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From EUR 2,023*
Denpasar Bali (Indonesia)
Round trip
From EUR 2,099*
Jakarta (Indonesia)
Round trip


From EUR 2,306*
Bengaluru (India)
Round trip
From EUR 2,357*
Mumbai Bombay (India)
Round trip
From EUR 2,361*
Delhi (India)
Round trip


From EUR 1,776*
Singapore (Singapore)
Round trip

Sri Lanka

From EUR 2,801*
Colombo (Sri Lanka)
Round trip


From EUR 2,297*
Malé (Maldives)
Round trip


From EUR 2,011*
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Round trip


From EUR 2,056*
Osaka (Japan)
Round trip
From EUR 2,061*
Tokyo (Japan)
Round trip

Korea, Republic of

From EUR 2,021*
Seoul (Korea, Republic of)
Round trip


From EUR 1,715*
Bangkok (Thailand)
Round trip

Viet Nam

From EUR 2,718*
Ho Chi Minh City (Viet Nam)
Round trip

Taiwan, China

From EUR 2,426*
Taipei (Taiwan, China)
Round trip

* The prices displayed are per person and are only valid for a round-trip purchase. Your fare is guaranteed as soon as you receive your reservation reference number. For full terms and conditions see: Air France Price Display Fares are rounded to the nearest monetary unit.